My new project

I’ve been thinking about it for a long while, and now I’ve decided to invest all my free time into it. I will integrate a renderer with Blender, first as a exporter for the file formats that the renderer uses, then do a better integration later on when that is feature complete. I have ditched […]

Status of LuxMax

Some of you readers might already know I’m the main developer of LuxMax. The current status is very positive, I’ve released several stable versions now and added  a lot of new shaders. The biggest improvement is stability, now you can leave the renders for days without any memory leak or such. Also the new shaders […]


I’m one of those people who always complains about social media and how they own your data and such. So I decided to do something about it (besides complain), so now I’ve set up a Diaspora pod that anyone who wants can use. Diaspora is social media, but you own the data, there are no […]