Maratis 3dsmax exporter

This is a 3dsmax exporter for Maratis game engine. It is work in progress, so bugs are still in it, but I decided to release a early version. It’s a free plugin (will not cost any money in the future either). And if I decide to stop developing on it I will release the source code as well, so you can feel safe about using it for you game dev projects.

If you find it useful then feel free to donate through paypal to my email (check contact page for email).

You can download the exporter, sample scene and user manual here:

Unzip the plugin release into your 3dsmax 2018 plugins directory.
( C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2018\Plugins\ )

Check out the PDF manual in the download link above for exporter GUI configuration.

A video overview can be seen here: