Install Centos 7 with libreboot.

I really wanted to have CentOS on a laptop with libreboot. I had some trouble getting things to run after install, later I found a post on the libreboot website that said what to do. The same solution can be used for redhat \ fedora installs.

So here is what I did:

Download latest CentOS, boot from usb stick or some other way, personally I use drivedroid all the time , very nice app to have installed on the phone, grab the iso, copy it to phone, emulate usb cdrom and boot from that.

I downloaded the ‘CentOS-7-x86_64-LiveGNOME-1804.iso’ from here:

Boot it up:

Start CentOS live:

After starting CentOS – run the installer as usual, I choose to have full disk encryption.
When installation is done, reboot the machine.

Choose this menu entry:

Hit ‘E’ to edit the command for booting, this is the important step in getting it to run.
In the text editor – change ‘linux16’ to ‘linux’

Like so:

Same goes for the line that says ‘initrd16’ – change it to ‘initrd’:

When the modification is done – hit F10 to boot up your system.

On mine I then unlock the encrypted disk:

Then accept the license and such for first boot of CentOS:

When that’s done you have a fully working CentOS with Libreboot.