Making my next plugin a blender plugin.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, and I’ve been thinking about starting a new project that I can do for my self that is not related to Luxrender\LuxMax.

I won’t say exactly what it is yet – but it’s a new plugin.
The thing I’ve been thinking of is if I should make it for 3dsmax or blender, and I’ve decided to get more into blender now.
And I want to make my next project for that. I’ve been using linux for 6 years or so, and blender on and off for a long while.

The reason is simply that I want to learn more about the code for blender, and I’ve been working for so long in 3dsmax that I now want to code for something else, and work fully on linux (Debian).

I do not like the way windows is going (in regards with privacy and all that), and I stay away from windows as best I can, but that’s impossible if you work with 3dsmax on a daily basis.

My bread and butter comes from my daily job – I’m a project engineer at National Oilwell Varco, been there for 10 years now.
Currently I work with 3dsmax every day, and I code in c++\c# (I work with realtime simulation).
That part of my life will not change.

But at homeĀ  where I also do a lot of coding (check under ‘Software’ in the top menu) I now want to focus on more open source software, and not only 3dsmax as I’ve mostly been doing the past 6 years or so at home.

First now I’ll get blender compiled from source, dig into some of the bugs, see if I can help the blender project out a bit, then move from there and see where it takes me.

I always like to learn new things, and now I want to focus more on linux and blender.

Also – it feels really good to work on a free OS with free software.

Blender plugin – Hard ops

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of open source tools.
I’ve been using Blender for a good while, I try to use it more and more in my own projects.
The reason why I love blender is because it’s open source, and cross-platform.
If there is a issue I can go in and fix it myself, and also it has very powerful features.

At work I do not get to use it, because we’re all on the Autodesk product line, so all the in-house tools I’ve made is for 3dsmax only.

A couple of days ago I found a post at cgpress that showed a very nice addon named ‘Hard ops’ for blender, I decided to buy it.
It’s really nice for creating hard-surface models.

Take a look at the features here: .

It’s a impressive tool, worth the money, and even if you mainly work in max –
you can take your model from there, into blender, work on it and then send it back to 3dsmax if needed.