Dropping Google and limiting phone data harvesting.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the use of android VS apple for example, and the more I’ve thought about it the more worrying it gets. They track and hold data (Apple is probably the lesser evil here) about your every single move, it’s insane how much data google has about your daily life, and one way to fight back is to get a dumb phone, without any ‘smart’ functions.
Also I’m just tired of being so connected all the time, reddit, diaspora, twitter, mastodon, snapchat and so on, just tired of having it all in my pocket. So I looked around on ebay, wanted to buy one that’s cheap and does the job, and also I wanted a small phone. So in the end I bought this phone:

The reason why I bought this specific one was because of the price and features.
It has regular phone call feature, sms, fm radio, bluetooth, calendar, alarm, and is dirt cheap.
Also it charges very fast to full capacity, so if I’m out and about a power-bank will last a long time. I have to work around not being able to send\receive mms, I do that by using the online service from my provider on my computer. Same goes for email – no access to that, just from my computers at home. Also I take a lot of pictures ( https://mediagoblin.stigatle.no ) , but I do bring my digital SLR with me most times anyways, so that will not be a big issue.

It’s fun to see how it all works out, and I might have to bite the bullet down the road, but for now I’m going all in on not using a android device, if I’m ever going back to a smartphone then I will definitely save up some cash and get a Librem 5 phone next time.