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Been running these websites for a long time, but I’ve recently been having major issues with both services, and I do not have the time to get it fixed (Already spend a lot of time trying to do so). So I made the desition to shut down both sites. I have not earned anything running it – it’s been running on donated hardware, but I pay with my time (and for domains). And now I do not feel I have the capacity to run it anymore, so I’m shutting them down to free up time. has been shut down as I write this, will be shut down in 2 weeks. Then I’ll securely erase the server and all data on it so that it’s unrecoverable.

I want to say thanks to all of you who used the websites! And I hope you find a new place to stay.

Thanks again!

One thought on “Shutting down and

  1. Hi, Stig! 🙂

    Sad news, indeed. I hope you’re able to find time and whatever support you need soon, because your contribution to Diaspora* and the fediverse was incredible.

    I signed up on your pod and experienced zero problems. Your service was impeccable!

    If you decide to try again, let me know. I would be honored.

    Also, as a podmin, don’t hesitate to reach out to podmates when necessary. After all, we are already making the world better by sharing our successes and helping one other to solve life’s challenges.

    So, thank you! Best wishes in your endeavors.

    Braye S.

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