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  1. This is great to see! gnusocial.no was my home too in its previous life! Keep up the good work!

    I now use a Mastodon account https://mastodon.social/@lohang

    I think GNUSocial can federate with Mastodon via some ActivityPub plugin. But I haven’t been able to interact with most of the existing instances. I suspect they haven’t enabled it.

    1. Thank you!
      To use the activitypub you need to run the ‘nightly’ version.
      I tried to get that set up, but failed due to some weird error.
      And I asked on irc, but no one had a fix for it at the time.

      But last week I upgraded the SSD on the server (I was running out of space),
      and that means I can now spin up more VM’s, I plan on doing that now and get nightly set up in a separate VM.
      Then when I have it running with nightly version I can just point to that VM.
      That way I can leave the current vm untouched, and test what I need without breaking anything.

    2. I do have gnusocial nightly running in a new vm. I’m currently working on moving that one over to the server, and then proxy all the traffic from the original gnusocial vm over to this new vm.
      I hope to have it done within a couple of days.

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