Blender – wireframe on shaded

There is one thing I really missed when switching from 3dsmax to blender, and that was wire-frame on shaded view-port mode.

This is one feature I used in 3dsmax all the time, for blender you can get the same by installing this script:

If you are new to installing scripts, then create a file, for example ‘’, then copy the text and paste it in there, make sure the indentation is correct, then go to blender’s settings\addons window, select .’install from file’, then point to your script file, enable the listed addon, then click ‘save user settings’.
You can then toggle the wire-frame on shaded mode by going to the object menu, then select ‘Toggle Wire’.

Here is a screenshot of it when it’s enabled:


2 thoughts on “Blender – wireframe on shaded

  1. If you check out blender comes with an addon called “amaranth”, if you activate that one, under Display in the T panel there are options for wireframe on shaded =), no need for a new addon.

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