The quest for cross-platform work-flow

It’s no secret that I still use windows for development, and I do use visual studio.
Even though I work most of my work day (at the office) in Visual Studio – I try to look at new workflows that
can benefit me both on windows and Linux.

I feel now that I have found a way for me to do this.

I ended up installing Babun on windows , and then install spf13-vim on top of that.
That gives me a great shell to work in on windows, and it gives the exact same feel as if I was on linux,
on linux I use spf13-vim directly in a regular terminal.

I then use this for editing and writing code, both on windows and linux.

I have not yet set up so that I can compile with visual studio through it,
so I just compile in VS (refresh the project when needed, then compile).
But I will look into this as well.

The vim key bindings takes some time to get used to, but the documentation is very good, so you can easily figure out
the various commands for doing things.

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