Lemote Yeeloong, Loongson mipsel laptop


I’m lucky enough to own a Lemote mipsel laptop.

It’s a expensive and slow piece of hardware, but the reason why I bought it is
because I value privacy, I  value knowing what software I run, and where it’s from, and that
it’s the exact software I installed.

Also the hardware is a bit exotic (if you can call it that).

Everything from the Bios to the OS can be compiled from source code.

I enjoy testing distributions, and I often try different kinds, I’ve mostly been using debian on it, but I now switched to OpenBSD, because debian is dropping mipsel support.

I mostly stay in the terminal on it, so I have it all customized for that.
I can do all the daily stuff on it, code c++, read mail, surf the net – everything you’d expect.

It does not work well for any graphical type of jobs, since the graphics acceleration is poor on it.

2 thoughts on “Lemote Yeeloong, Loongson mipsel laptop

  1. Considering the fact that the development of the Loongson MIPS cpu continues unabated, and the amounts of cash the Chinese government is able to invest in this architecture, the future looks very bright for this cpu. So it s not just an exotic architecture, it s an exotic architecture with a future. That alone makes this machine an interesting option for free software enthusiasts looking for a mini laptop. Personally, I m very happy with the Yeeloong, it s a nice, blob-free machine, a pleasure to type on, and it feels stable and reliable.

    1. What OS do you use on yours? I prefer OpenBSD – that one works the best.
      But it takes a lot of time to compile the things that are needed on it.

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