Lemote Yeeloong, Loongson mipsel laptop


I’m lucky enough to own a Lemote mipsel laptop.

It’s a expensive and slow piece of hardware, but the reason why I bought it is
because I value privacy, I  value knowing what software I run, and where it’s from, and that
it’s the exact software I installed.

Also the hardware is a bit exotic (if you can call it that).

Everything from the Bios to the OS can be compiled from source code.

I enjoy testing distributions, and I often try different kinds, I’ve mostly been using debian on it, but I now switched to OpenBSD, because debian is dropping mipsel support.

I mostly stay in the terminal on it, so I have it all customized for that.
I can do all the daily stuff on it, code c++, read mail, surf the net – everything you’d expect.

It does not work well for any graphical type of jobs, since the graphics acceleration is poor on it.

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