Linux IDE

I code a lot on linux, I work mostly in Debian currently.
I often search for new tools, and I frequently try out new tools.

The last tool I’ve been spending a lot of time in is the IDE that I use.

The past days I’ve been working with debugging software on gNewSense ,
and that you do there is basically pull the source, and build the package, then fix errors.

There is many ways to set up projects on Linux, you can use make files, cmake, and a whole lot of other ways.
So – for a long while I worked in just text editors, and then used command line for compiling.

I’ve been torn between using emacs and vim, but now after I found this I have never looked back:

It’s a full IDE based on vim, easy to install, great to use.
For working on packages source code it’s perfect.


Switched to SSL only

Today I switched to SSL only for this website.
I think all websites should get rid of normal http traffic.

I set it up in about 2 minutes with this free SSL service:

Initially wordpress showed some error with insecure content,
that means wordpress tries to link to media over http (hardcoded probably, or theme related).

Anyways – this plugin fixed it easily:

Blender plugin – Hard ops

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of open source tools.
I’ve been using Blender for a good while, I try to use it more and more in my own projects.
The reason why I love blender is because it’s open source, and cross-platform.
If there is a issue I can go in and fix it myself, and also it has very powerful features.

At work I do not get to use it, because we’re all on the Autodesk product line, so all the in-house tools I’ve made is for 3dsmax only.

A couple of days ago I found a post at cgpress that showed a very nice addon named ‘Hard ops’ for blender, I decided to buy it.
It’s really nice for creating hard-surface models.

Take a look at the features here: .

It’s a impressive tool, worth the money, and even if you mainly work in max –
you can take your model from there, into blender, work on it and then send it back to 3dsmax if needed.