3dsmax in virtualbox on Linux.

As you might have guessed – I’m a linux fan, and I use it as much as possible.
Sadly 3dsmax has not been ported to Linux – and I do not see any signs of it happening any time soon either.

So the last couple of days I’ve been setting up a proper VM for my development tools including 3dsmax.

It works fine, I run windows 10, and 3dsmax 2015\2016 with visual studio 2013.

The desktop flickers a bit – I’m unsure if it’s the graphics drivers on the linux host that does it – or if it’s a virtualbox issue, but for now I’m just ignoring that and continue to use it.

Also – I had to switch 3dsmax to legacy opengl mode to make the viewport work.

Other then this it works fine, and from now on that’s what I’ll use for my plugin development, since I’m tired of booting out of Linux just to code on my plugins.

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  1. Hi, I’m also setting up a virtualbox for scripting in 3dsMax but mainly to test my code in a clean environment. That should avoid some embarrassing issues when releasing tools which won’t work on other machines than my own.
    Could you share a bit which settings you used in virtualbox? Do you start with a clean slate every time you start it up?
    I’m quite new to this. Any insight you can provide is helpful.

    1. Hi,
      sorry for slow reply.
      First off – congratulations for being the first commenter on my new site!

      I simply run windows 10 x64 pro with ‘windows 10’ setting during VM creation.
      I mostly develop plugins in c++, so I have my full development environment installed too.

      When I need to debug on a ‘fresh’ pc (for example testing a installer), then I have a separate VM
      that’s ‘clean’, which I then have a snapshot on, so that I can revert it back after testing.

      Hope this info helps a bit.

  2. Hey Stig Atle, no problem. It’s an honor to be the first!
    This definitely helps. How do you manage windows licenses? If you have a VM with win10 you use for developing and another win10 VM for fresh testing, do you need two win10 licenses? Or can you work with one as long as you only have one VM running concurrently?

    1. The test vm uses the ‘trail’ version, it’s not activated. since I only use it briefly.
      The other one is activated by a license I already paid for.

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